What Makes Us RADD®?

This gel was prescribed to me by the dentist, after birth I had a problem in my mouth. The gums bleed, my teeth were stilted. At BioFlagyl pharmacy I was pleasantly surprised by the price metranidazol it much cheaper metrogil. When I came home, I smeared my gum, for two hours I did not eat anything, I did not drink, my painful symptoms passed.
Local bars and restaurants participate by providing special “RADD® Rewards” such as free services, non alcoholic drinks and/or food specials to guest who serve as a designated driver for their group. In return, RADD® staff and college peer educators promote the participating establishments to thousands of students and guests at local colleges, community events and through RADD® social media channels."

How are we RADD®?

Nate Ruess from Fun Speaks About RADD®


Approx. 976,000 STUDENTS