Reggae artist Mystic Bowie releases his debut album titled MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS |

Reggae artist Mystic Bowie releases his debut album titled MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS

Reggae artist Mystic Bowie releases his debut album titled MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS

Reggae artist Mystic Bowie will release his debut album titled MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS, featuring classic Talking Heads songs, and more, reggae-style, on June 15.  The debut single, “Once In A Lifetime,” will be released on May 4.  As a former member of the Tom Tom Club, a band that included former Talking Heads founders Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, Mystic Bowie infuses fresh life into Talking Heads’ classic catalog with his high octane mix of roots reggae, ska and lover’s rock.


The Talking Dreads album features a lineup of legendary reggae figures including singer Freddie McGregor; ska guitar master Ernest Ranglin (Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Monty Alexander); Soul Train Award nominated Tarrus Riley (“Start Anew,” “Good Girl Gone Bad”); and saxophone great Dean Fraser. The album also features drummer Kirk Bennett and Lincoln Thomas, McGregor’s longtime guitarist. Cindy Wilson of the B-52s special guests on a duet with Mystic for “Heaven.”

Since introducing his musically revolutionary Talking Dreads project at the High Times Music Festival in Negril in 2015, the Jamaican-born singer has performed at more than 100 shows across North America – spinning the heads of Talking Heads fans, and getting everyone grooving along to the rhythms and jubilant spirit of his native island.With the success of these performances, Mystic Bowie, based in the Northeastern U.S., headed back to his homeland to the famed Barry O’Hare Studios in Ocho Rios. Gathering old friends he had played music with since childhood, along with younger musicians, legendary Jamaican artists and other special guests, Mystic captured all the magic of his live performances on MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS.

In conjunction with the release of MYSTIC BOWIE’S TALKING DREADS, the band will tour the U.S.  Check out dates/venues here:


1) Your debut album is coming out in June titled “Mystic Bowie’s Talking Dreads” – what can listeners expect?

You can expect a high energy legitimate Caribbean vibe collection of music.

2)    How did you come up with the concept of reggae meeting Talking Heads hits?

I was always a big fan of talking heads music and poetry and like other Talking Heads fans we all need more Talking Heads music but can never get it. So I figured the next best thing is to marry the music with my reggae/ska Jamaican background.

3)    Tell us about your first single, “Once In A Lifetime”

Once in a lifetime to me is telling my life experiences through the messages in the song. For example, one of my once in a lifetime experiences is being a fan of talking heads since childhood and ended up singing for members of the original group and now completing the once in a lifetime circle by doing my rendition of their songs.

4)    Do you have any special guests on the new album?

Yes, to bridge the music generation gaps I decided to add guests from the early days to today. Guests include Cindy Wilson from B52’s, the Jamaican legend Freddie McGregor, saxophone legend Dean Frazer, guitar legend Ernest Ranglin, and the young Jamaica superstar Tarrus Riley.


5) Tell us about your favorite moment on the road.

My favorite moments on the road are when I am on stage looking at the audience smiling, laughing, and dancing and knowing that it is what I am doing that is bringing out the reaction in them

6)    What do you enjoy doing when you’re off the road?

Relaxing in Jamaica with my dog up in the hilly countryside.

7)   You’re now supporting an organization called RADD, which is “The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety,” encouraging college students that if they drink, they should find alternative ways of getting home other than driving themselves.  What are your personal experiences in this area that draws you toward their message?

Being around artists’ my entire life I’ve seen the good and bad and I decided that some of them have already made the mistake for me so I never need to make it. At my age I still don’t drink, smoke, and have never done drugs. One can be cool and not have to follow the negative of the masses. Live life to the fullest!