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Spring Break Tips: Partying in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach

These spring break tips are a guide to help you party safely in pacific beach.

Don’t use a fake ID.

Bouncers are diligent about checking IDs and the legal repercussions aren’t worth the night of drinking.

Make a plan

Make sure there is a designated sober driver in your group. Remember that RADD© has 28 participating venues in Pacific Beach that provide free non-alcoholic beverages or snacks to designated drivers.

If you are drinking and do not have a designated driver, plan to call a cab or use alternate transportation.

Watch where you drink

Open containers are not allowed on the streets or beaches. Follow the rules of the beach!
Learn about the Beach Amenities and Regulation

Find More Information and Resources

Visit your school’s health education center website for more information and resources in your area.

Additional Tips for having a Safe Spring Break

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